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Founded in 2013, BeauPal.com is a search, select and interact site for beauty and makeover related services and service providers. BeauPal.com enlists the service providers working individually or as corporate in the segment of hair, skin, beauty and makeup.  

BeauPal.com is a consumer oriented site helping online users to find appropriate service providers for beauty and makeup related needs pertaining to their look, hair and skin. BeauPal.com empowers consumers by presenting comprehensive information related to the service providers so that users can make informed decisions.  Statistically, one million consumers use BeauPal.com for searching and selecting the right service providers in their locality and city.

The overall objective of website BeauPal.com is to help users to explore the service providers (Salons, Spa, Makeup Artists, and Hair & Skin Clinic) and create convenient experience for the users for locating the service providers.  BeauPal.com team works very hard to find the service providers available in any part of the country and list them at BeauPal.com so as to create the largest compilation of service providers for the users.  The website allows users to book appointments, share feedback, ratings, reviews and their experience with the service providers.  BeauPal.com channelizes users to avail the services, discounts, packages and offers as provided by the service providers in hair, skin, beauty and makeup.

In parallel to this, BeauPal.com enables service providers (Salons, Spa, Makeup Artists, and Hair & Skin Clinics) to showcase their location, work, services and expertise. BeauPal.com helps the listed service providers to connect with the potential users of their services & offerings. BeauPal.com is one of the leading business facilitators for services providers in beauty and makeup segment. BeauPal.com works as a networking and knowledge sharing platform for service providers whereas they can interact with each other, showcase their expertise and explore collaboration with other service providers in the industry.

BeauPal.com provides a number of job opportunities to the artists searching for a job in the beauty sector. BeauPal.com also allows service providers to hire staff for their businesses.  BeauPal.com brings you a range of skin care products. So, you can choose the best products for your skin.

BeauPal.com enjoys over one million impressions in Google searches and ranks amongst the top searches of this industry at google.com. BeauPal.com has strong technical structures which helps the listed service providers to enjoy strong SEO on all prominent search engines including google.com. The technical structure of BeauPal.com helps enhance the online exposure of service providers and drive qualified users to service providers leading to increase in business for the service providers. BeauPal.com helps promote packages, offers and discounts on the services as offered by the salons, spa, makeup artists and hair & skin clinics.

BeauPal.com also features the services providers, institutes, events and brands in beauty and makeup industry which makes BeauPal.com as one stop solution for any information related to beauty and makeup.


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1 year ago

Chlorine effects on your hairs and their prevention?

It’s natural that your love for water rises with the arrival of summer season and nearly everyone prefers going to swimming pool, water parks to beat the heat and enjoy the hot summer season. The feeling of gliding through the water is inexpressible.

But, are you aware of the fact that access of chlorine in pool water can damage your hairs badly? Chlorinated water can make your hair dry and weak, which can cause breakage. While regular tap water contains chlorine, it usually doesn't contain that much to be a problem for regular showers. But the access amount of chlorine found in pools can have damaging effects on your hair and skin with more frequent exposure. Swimming pool chlorine is essential to kill bacteria, but at the same time it can do serious damage to your hair if you are a frequent swimmer. Chlorine strips the natural oils (sebum) that your body produces to protect your hair.

Chlorine causes hair to crack and split, changes the natural color of hair. Casual swimmers don’t often see the effects of chlorinated water. But people with specific hair types are more susceptible to chlorine damage than others. This includes people with

  • Thin or fine hair
  • Color-treated hair
  • Bleached hair
  • Chemical-treated hair
  • Dry hair
  • Thin of fine hair
  • Hair with existing damage

How you can protect your hair from chlorine damage?

  1. Rinse and wet hair before and after swimming.
  2. Apply coconut oil, olive oil and other natural oils to your hair.
  3. Use swim sprays.
  4. Use gentle shampoos.
  5. Wear a swim cap.

How to fix your chlorine damaged hairs?

If your hairs are damaged by chlorine than these are some home remedies you can try to get rid of this problem:

Use a hair clarifier wash and natural conditioner to remove chlorine and any lingering harsh chemicals currently in your hair. You can make one using baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Moisturize your scalp. If your head is dry or flaky, talk to your doctor or hairstylist for products to help restore and maintain moisture. Otherwise, coconut oil can help moisturize any dry skin.

To reverse significant damage from chlorine and prevent further damage, use a deep conditioner twice a week and apply natural oils like argan oil to protect the hair and scalp.



1 year ago

Why your beauty business needs Tech Wings?

                        Why Your Beauty Business need tech wings?

In this era of technology each and everything is going digital. Food is delivered at your door steps, a taxi can be called to your door, and this all can be done only by doing few clicks on your mobile phone. Then why you cannot find a beautician, go through menu and book appointment with him/her? You may be doing this also in coming days.

Let us discuss some points why it feels necessary?

On a holiday, you can see people waiting in queues in salons for their turn and wasting their precious time they could have used to do something beneficial. People are also fed up of this process but they have no choice other than this. How it feel if one will be able to book appointment at his/her preferred date and time, at best price and get rid of that time wastage while waiting in queues?

I have seen people struggling to get an appointment with makeup artists when wedding season is on peak in India and their charges will also be touching skies as one is ready to pay more than other for the same service. There are some artists which are well known, while there are some which have to still make their names prominent in this Beauty world. In big cities it is normal that one is not even aware of profession of his/her neighbors. So, there can be an artist in your locality, you are not aware off and this is the main reason of very less business for these little known artists. To find them what you can do today is, we can visit them all and ask them separately, and then choose one of them suitable for us. I do not think that this is a good way to find them in this tech enabled world. There should a way to do this all from your mobile phone, sitting at home. How it will feel if you are able to have a look on the menu and work of artists, and then select an artist that suits you best?

I have seen salon owners frustrated because of unavailability of staff at their salon and this affecting their business badly. While there are people having knowledge and skill in beauty work, and still not able to get a job and striving to earn a living for themselves. There are both persons one who needs a job and other who needs staff. Then where is the gap? I think, the only gap is unavailability of such a platform where these both can meet their needs.

Therefore, in this world of technology your beauty business also needs tech wings to fly high. Technology will bring visibility to your business. Technology will make


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