Why your beauty business needs Tech Wings?

Admin | 1 year ago

Why your beauty business needs Tech Wings?

                        Why Your Beauty Business need tech wings?

In this era of technology each and everything is going digital. Food is delivered at your door steps, a taxi can be called to your door, and this all can be done only by doing few clicks on your mobile phone. Then why you cannot find a beautician, go through menu and book appointment with him/her? You may be doing this also in coming days.

Let us discuss some points why it feels necessary?

On a holiday, you can see people waiting in queues in salons for their turn and wasting their precious time they could have used to do something beneficial. People are also fed up of this process but they have no choice other than this. How it feel if one will be able to book appointment at his/her preferred date and time, at best price and get rid of that time wastage while waiting in queues?

I have seen people struggling to get an appointment with makeup artists when wedding season is on peak in India and their charges will also be touching skies as one is ready to pay more than other for the same service. There are some artists which are well known, while there are some which have to still make their names prominent in this Beauty world. In big cities it is normal that one is not even aware of profession of his/her neighbors. So, there can be an artist in your locality, you are not aware off and this is the main reason of very less business for these little known artists. To find them what you can do today is, we can visit them all and ask them separately, and then choose one of them suitable for us. I do not think that this is a good way to find them in this tech enabled world. There should a way to do this all from your mobile phone, sitting at home. How it will feel if you are able to have a look on the menu and work of artists, and then select an artist that suits you best?

I have seen salon owners frustrated because of unavailability of staff at their salon and this affecting their business badly. While there are people having knowledge and skill in beauty work, and still not able to get a job and striving to earn a living for themselves. There are both persons one who needs a job and other who needs staff. Then where is the gap? I think, the only gap is unavailability of such a platform where these both can meet their needs.

Therefore, in this world of technology your beauty business also needs tech wings to fly high. Technology will bring visibility to your business. Technology will make


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